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Motionary - Prototype

Motionary is an online, user-generated database of improvised words and expressions given meaning through silent (or not) improvisation. Motionary helps people learn and understand new words and at the same time, it supports both physical and online social interaction. Motionary members can create an entry for each new word; record performances individually or in a group, submit and meta tag their improvisations online. Creative and playful learning is an important and essential part of Motionary. Through improvisations, it offers vocabulary and expressions, definitions and pronunciations. Motionary helps people understand the meaning of words, see them being used in the context of a situation and also helps them remember these words. Users will be able to create their own accounts with vocabulary preferences, galleries of favorite performances, and sign up to receive an improvised word every day. Users will be able to select the clearest or the most popular performance or add their own improvisation.

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