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Resarch scope

During my process of recording for Motionary, I filmed over 50 different performers and over 500 word interpretations. Performers' ages varied from a three-year old boy through teenagers, students in their twenties to adult actors in their fifties. I recorded many individual and group performances. The performers came from different countries; some of them spoke their native language to teach pronunciation. Most people improvised for the first time in their lives, others were professional actors. I recorded performances in different locations and with a different background. Most Motionary performances lasted at least 4 seconds but others were longer than 30 seconds. Actors utilized a variety of moves, gestures and facial expressions.

Motionary is based on a simple but at the same time quite complex idea. I think the Motionary concept can be researched further in countless different directions. One of the most important researches that can be done in the future is: language acquisition, social interaction and body language. During my thesis research, I concentrated mostly on filming, experimenting, observing and interviewing participants.

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